Ford Excursion Limo: Executive Transport for the Common Folk

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Understated Ford Excursion Limo will help you escape the grasp of your many adoring fans, or anyone else you dislike.

When you think of limos you probably imagine a bunch of pimply teens on their way to the prom in the back a stretched Lincoln Town Car. Or maybe a group of stuffy executives arguing over budgets while puffing on fine cigars. But what about us, normal folk? Can’t we enjoy the fruits of our labor while swaddled in private comfort too? Of course, we can! And we’ve found just the ride to do it in, a 2001 Ford Excursion limo.

Ford Excursion Limo

The best thing about this ride, other than the fact that it’s built on one of the greatest SUVs ever, is the lack of extra length. After all, a stock Excursion is already long enough. Long enough to fit you and three or four of your closest friends in the back, that is. Plus, since this behemoth looks pretty normal on the outside, you won’t have to worry about paparazzi harassing you on your way to work.

Ford Excursion Limo

The understated, blacked-out exterior hides some pretty swanky internals, however. Hop in the back and you’ll be cocooned in tan leather and fancy electronics. The top-notch JL Audio speakers and subwoofers are fit for entertaining your new lady friends after a night at the club. There’s also a flat-screen TV and an iPad integrated into the interior panels for added entertainment.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Forget flying coach, travel first-class in your own Excursion!

Ford Excursion Limo

All-in-all, this Excursion limo is one slick setup. Especially if you’re like us, and you prefer a quiet evening out without having to fend off throes of adoring fans. If this bad boy sounds like your idea of the perfect ride, it can be yours for $57,300 from Becker Automotive Design. Driver and cool hat not included.


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