Ford Everest Fire Symptom of Bigger Problem? Ranger Owners Chime In

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Shortly after the news went public about the Ford Everest that caught fire during a test drive by an automotive journalist, several Ford Ranger owners came out and said that they had similar issues. Considering both vehicles use the same engine, could this be a symptom of a bigger problem?

Wade Ibrahim, owner of a Ford Ranger XLT had a similar issue. When he reached out to Ford, according to Wade, they told him to just turn it over to his insurance company.

Peter McCarthy’s 2012 Ranger XLT also went up in flames a few weeks ago, according to News Corp Australia. This time it was sitting in the driveway and was locked. His daughter heard the car alarm go off, which signaled a problem.

A Ford spokesman said it’s company policy to refer fires to the insurer, and then Ford works with the insurer to determine if the fire was caused by the vehicle itself.

Since we don’t have the current-generation Ford Ranger or Everest here in the United States, we don’t have to worry about these issues. But, they are global vehicles, so if you notice your Everest or Ranger acting wonky, park it and get it checked out.

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