Battle of the Sexes: Why Your Ford Truck’s Interior Lighting is Now Blue

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2015 Ford F-150

Growing up I remember most Ford interior lighting to be green. The center console, the instrument panel, everything. It was swathed in a, if I remember correctly, not that appealing shade of green. But now, if you climb in a modern Ford vehicle, including the latest trucks, it’s all blue. Why the change?

2015 Ford F-150

According to our friend Andrew over at Roadshow, it’s partially due to gender equality. Men and women see colors differently, and Ford wanted to have a color that would look appealing to both genders. Also, blue looks brighting without having to be as bright. Plus, for certain colorblind people, green is a difficult to impossible color to see.

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But Ford’s development in lighting doesn’t stop there. They’re apparently working on the color output of their LED headlight systems to produce a more appealing color that’s easier on the eyes. As long as it doesn’t reduce brightness, more appealing lights will help prevent night fatigue and also from being as jarring to oncoming drivers. Both of those are a win in Ford’s book.

Who knew so much thought went into light design? Let us know what you think over in our forums!

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