Ford Bronco Denver Broncos Edition: Mile-high Miracle

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Ford Bronco

The ’70s were all about special editions. But few are as elusive (or as interesting) as the Broncos edition Ford Bronco.

Special edition vehicles are a dime a dozen. Generally consisting of some sort of fancy trim or special color combination, we saw countless different packages offered throughout the ’70s. But if you’re looking for something a little rarer than your average special edition, you won’t get much more uncommon than the 1975 Ford Bronco Denver Broncos Edition. So when we spotted this stellar 1-of-76 example over at Bring a Trailer, it hit us about as hard as we presume Von Miller hits opposing quarterbacks.

If this Broncos-theme Ford Bronco looks familiar, that’s because it is. Reportedly, a Colorado-based Ford dealership acquired a number of leftover Stroppe Broncos after Bill Stroppe‘s relationship with Ford went south. The dealership then added white fender flares, painted the roof Grabber Blue, and tossed on a Denver Broncos spare tire cover. And voila, you’ve got a Broncos edition Ford Bronco!

Ford Bronco

Of those handful of conversions, we’ve never seen one quite this nice. Credit a 2016 body-off restoration that featured a high quality respray. NOS fenders, a new driver’s door, and new seals were installed at that time as well.


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A fresh interior and engine and transmission rebuild round out the tasty Broncos Bronco package. And to make it even more enticing, there’s only 43,479 miles showing on the odometer!

Ford Bronco

This Broncos edition Ford Bronco obviously appeals to a more limited audience. But we won’t hold its team pride against it. Instead, we’ll just appreciate this beautiful Bronco for what it is. And that’s a rare and incredibly interesting piece of Ford history. See more of this awesome Bronco at Bring a Trailer

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