ICON BR Ford Bronco is Retro and Irresistible

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Bronco re-imagined by ICON keeps two tires in the past and two in the modern day.

The Ford Bronco is not going anywhere. Many of the original models, from the first generation to the big Bronco and even the Bronco II, are still on the road. The hunger for SUVs in general and the Bronco in particular is so strong that Ford is going to bring out an all new version of it for the 2020 model year. In the space between, there are well-crafted re-interpretations of classic Broncos, such as the ICON BR shown in the video above.

Company founder Jonathan Ward and his California-based company took a 1966 Bronco and recrafted it according to a customer’s particular tastes. The buyer wanted their BR to look retro yet still be clearly discernible as an ICON build. That meant Ward and his crew had to carefully consider color and material choices that would cover the line between the past and the present. ICON coated the little horse with New Lime Green paint which looks perfectly old-school. It also added a variety of Wimbledon White exterior accents, including the roof, front and rear bumpers, CNC-machined grille with ICON lettering and tailgate insert panel, and wheels, which wear Ford-licensed reproduction hubcaps. The body sides are highlighted by metal trim strips, which coordinate with the stainless steel door handles and mirrors.

ford-trucks.com ICON BR Ford Bronco #51

The inside of the ICON BR is an interesting mix of hardware. An aviation supplier provided the dark green leather for the seats, which ICON French double-stitched together. It also chose a robust weave for the removable, rubber-backed, sound-deadening carpet panels. Metal hardware controls such functions as the lights, fan, and wipers. Instead of using a period Bronco wheel, ICON chose to source that piece from a giant mining truck, then topped it with a pewter ICON badge.

A modern Mustang 5.0 with 412 horsepower powers a part-time, shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive system with Dynatrac 44 front and Dynatrac 60 rear axles, and ARB lockers. Adjustable Fox shocks manage the interaction between that hardware and whatever terrain the BR ends up going over.

Overall, the BR still looks like a Bronco, but has a stark and elegant simplicity to it that ICON’s other creations also possess. The Bronco as a whole may not be going anywhere, but this ICON BR version of the Bronco, with its short overhangs and ample power, looks as if it can go anywhere its owner wants to take it.

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