The Ford Focus RS is Coming and It has a Drift Button

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Ford Focus RS

Ford’s hottest hatch, the Focus RS, is finally coming to the States. However, it’s not just your normal Focus ST with a slightly hotter engine. No, this RS is a whole other beast indeed.

The new hatch made its official debut today at the Geneva Motor Show. Ford gave us some insight into the little car.

Ford Focus RS

The RS has the same 2.3L EcoBoost engine that Ford put under the hood of the 2015 Mustang. However, in the Focus, it makes 320 horsepower that’s sent to all four wheels.

The AWD system has a trick up its sleeve: It can route 70 percent of that power to the rear wheels alone. What’s also interesting is a small button on the dashboard.

It’s labeled “Drift.” Aside from the Tesla Insane Mode button, it’s the best button that could’ve ever been installed inside a car.

We can also now see that the wheels fitted to the RS are 21 inches in size and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports to give the little Focus a heck of a lot of traction. No word yet on when the Focus RS will officially go on sale to the public.

Ford Focus RS

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