HUMP DAY JUMP Crazy Ford Ranger Goes Off-Road, Leaps Big

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FTE Jump

The Ford Ranger remains a favorite, despite the rise in popularity of full-size trucks. There is just something inherently appealing about a small, powerful, and 100% Ford rig that draws people in.

After all, the Ranger is a truck that is known to never let the driver down. They have proved their worth as daily drivers, off-road demons, and dune jumpers. And it certainly never gets old to see them in action!

This video shows a Ford Ranger (of course) weaving through an off-road course at Port Alberni, British Columbia. Overall, it seems awfully fun.

Even so, we can’t blame the driver for wanting to take it to the next level, even for just a moment. As he is maneuvering his truck around the course, he steps on the gas just a little harder and make a pretty spectacular leap right in front of the camera. He knocks over a cone in the process, but who cares about that?

Check out the video above and enjoy watching this Ranger fly!

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