Flying Huntsman 105 Pickup from Kahn is Bronco’s Nemesis

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If you’re a nerd like me, one of the best Star Trek movies ever made was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The movie was so influential to the franchise that when JJ Abrams rebooted the series back in 2009, his second movie installment featured Benedict Cumberbatch as the evil Khan once again.

Many of you want to see Ford bring back the Bronco. The Blue Oval utility was universally loved as a means of transportation. But the baddies always have the best vehicles, and the folks at Kahn Automobiles (a Land Rover tuner) have unveiled their newest creation that makes us easily forget about the Bronco. Check out the Flying Huntsman 105 pickup.

Based on the Land Rover Defender, it is powered by a 2.2L diesel engine. It has a 115 inch wheelbase and features improved suspension and brake components. The Flying Huntsman 105 is also 6 inches wider than the normal Defender.

External modifications, including fender flares, give the vehicle a more aggressive look. The matte black wheels are a Kahn design and are 18 inches in size.

Racing seats are part of an upgraded interior as well.

It’s mean, it’s dark, and it’s sinister. But unlike Kahn, you can purchase the Flying Huntsman 105 pickup for about $89,650.

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via [Kahn Automobiles]

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