MUDDY MONDAY Ford F-250 Muddin’ with Bikini Girls in the Bed

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f250 mudding girls in back

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a 1st gen Ford F-250 Super Duty (2000-2007) taking on a deep mud bog with a couple girls in bikinis in the bed.


The F-250 starts off in the distance, cruising through the deeper mud and throwing the sloppy mix into the air as the two bikini clad ladies in the bed hold on and dodge the spray of mud.


The big Ford F-250 really makes short work of the deeper mud and as the driver gets to the far edge of the mud bog – right in front of the crowd – he stops.


It seems at first like he might be stuck, but after the girls get up and show off a little for the crowd before sitting back down, the driver of this F-250 Super Duty effortlessly climbs up onto drier land.


Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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