TRUCKED UP Chevy Drivers Suck Big Time and Cause a Major Pileup

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What happens when you mix a boozed up, unlicensed Camaro driver and mix it with the driver of a GM pickup truck who feels he was slighted by the Camaro driver? You end up with a three-car pileup with an innocent big rig mixed in for good measure.

The person driving the Camaro attempts to cut in front of the pickup truck driver to go around the semi. The problem is, when you’re an unlicensed drunk in a car with poor visibility like a Camaro, you can’t really judge distance well. Even though there’s clearly not enough room, the Camaro driver still tries to force the issue, and nearly runs the pickup off the road.

The pickup driver is going to have none of that, so he accelerates and then paces the semi truck, preventing the Camaro driver from passing. To put it nicely, that’s a bad┬ámove. It’s also illegal in states where slower traffic must keep right.

Now drunk, unlicensed Camaro driver is getting aggravated, and decides that he’s going to pass on the left, on the shoulder. Now only is that super illegal, but it’s dangerous. Karma instantly strikes as the Camaro swerves out of control, side-swiping the pickup truck, and pushing the semi truck off the road.

Now these two idiots ruined the truck driver’s day in a completely preventable accident. Road rage is dangerous. Learn some freakin’ patience and know when to walk away. Otherwise crap like this will happen.

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