First-Gen Bronco Highlights Amazing Barn Find Discoveries

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Barn Find Hunter stumbles on a gold mine of cool old cars. And he gets a deal on an old Bronco that he can’t resist.

If there’s one thing we never tire of around these parts, it’s checking out cool barn finds. There’s just something undeniably appealing about discovering hidden gems in the garages, fields, and well, barns across this great country of ours. And apparently, there are plenty more to discover. Thus, we’re big fans of Hagerty‘s Barn Find Hunter series, which is exactly what it sounds like. And in this recent episode, a field in Midland, Texas yields lots of awesome scores. Including a pretty nice first-gen Bronco.

Most interestingly, the host discovers this proverbial gold mine after simply striking up a conversation with a man at lunch. It’s then that he finds out the man, Jeff Roland, used to own and operate a Mustang restoration shop. But now he’s moved on, and has 100+ vehicles he wants to sell off. The result is the adult equivalent of a kid in a candy store.

Ford Bronco

There are rare Mustangs and loads of old pickups, but it’s a first-gen Bronco that grabs our host’s eye. “Oh, so you got a Bronco, huh?” he says glowingly. “That doesn’t look too rough to me.” And things get even better the closer he gets. This is a Bronco Sport, and the body looks surprisingly rust free. There’s no windshield or doors, but a pair of replacement pieces are sitting inside.

Ford Bronco

The engine is gone, but the transmission is in place. And there’s even air conditioning, though the seller notes that he thinks it’s aftermarket. The fenders are cut, and there’s a hood scoop tacked on. Still, our host deems it “a good restoration candidate, for sure.” Thus, he manages to score the old Bronco for the seemingly cheap sum of only $2,500.

Ford Bronco

Given that the prices of first-gen Bronco examples are getting “a little silly,” that’s not a bad investment. And it just makes us want to go out and do a little hunting ourselves!

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