What is Your Favorite Bronco Rendering?

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Ford Everest Based Bronco Concept Rendering

The Bronco by FTE’s Joseph Yoon

With all the talk of a new Ford Bronco hitting the streets by 2020, we’ve been trying to figure out what the latest incarnation will look like, what it’ll be equipped with, and how it’ll perform.

For those stories, we’ve been using different renderings (some we’ve created ourselves, and others from around the Internet) to explore different ideas of how the truck will look. Of what you’ve seen so far, which one is your favorite?

Ford Bronco Concept

The last time Ford did a Bronco concept, it looked like the vehicle above. While we can surely say that the new Bronco won’t look like that (that was done back in 2004), it’s the only official image that’s come from the mothership in Dearborn.

2015 bronco 600

If there is one Bronco rendering that won’t die, it’s the one shown above. Based off the Atlas truck concept of a few years back, this image was created as an April Fool’s joke on a motoring site. However, it caught on like wildfire and before long people forgot that it was supposed to be a joke and assumed that that was what Ford was doing for the next Bronco.


Our own Joseph Yoon came up with the rendering above, based on the latest Super Duty shown at the State Fair of Texas. Ford’s trucks do carry a similar corporate face these days, and we’ve seen spy shots of a new Ford Expedition also having a similar front end. While the new Bronco will be based on the new Ranger platform, and not Super Duty, it’s possible that they could share a similar look.

Ford Everest Based Bronco Concept Rendering

Our (second from) last rendering is again from our own Joseph Yoon. This rendering is based on the foreign-market Everest, which shares a lot of components with the foreign-market Ford Ranger. While this looks more soft-roader than heavy-hitter, it does give us a good idea of what a present day Bronco may look like.

Of course, we won’t know until the next Bronco is officially shown off to the world at some future auto show or event. We have no idea when that might be, but we’re expecting the vehicle to be on the streets by the 2020 model year.

We also know that the new Bronco will be all new, and share a new platform with the Ranger. That Ranger will also be all-new, and not the Ranger that’s currently for sale around the world.


The “Bronkler” by FTE’s Christian Moe (Editor’s favorite) -Ed.

But you all are a vocal bunch and have a lot of opinions, so we want to hear them. Of the renderings you’ve seen here, and others you’ve seen around the web, which Bronco rendering is your favorite? How do you think the new Bronco will look?

Let us know in the comments below or sound off with your opinions over in the forums! Be sure to stick around, because we’ll share all the latest and greatest Bronco news and rumors as soon as we get them.

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