Ford Super Duty Goes Beast-Mode With Wild Body Armor!

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Looking for a pickup truck that stands out of the crowd? These parts from Fab Fours will surely fit the bill.

The new Ford Super Duty lineup of trucks are more capable and better looking than ever. But when it comes to the pickup trucks’ designs, some owners may find the look to be a little reserved, which is where South Carolina-based company Fab Fours comes into play.

At SEMA this year, managed to track down one of Fab Fours’ amazing Super Duty pickup trucks, which was decked out with a bunch of goodies from the aftermarket company. The result, as found, ends with a pickup truck that can’t be missed.

b Fours Super Duty

At the front of the truck sits Fab Fours’ Grumper that combines a grille and a front bumper into one unique design. The Grumper is made out of steel and can be color matched to the rest of the machine, ensuring that its aggressive design doesn’t get overshadowed by a wonky color scheme. The Grumper is winch ready and has side-mounting slots for extra lights. The new front end may not be for everyone, but it’s functional, as it allows for increased airflow.

Another major item on the truck that’s hard to miss on the front is the Vicowl that, as its name implies, combines a roof visor and cowl. The steel piece helps protect the windshield, while keeping the sun out of passenger’s eyes, and is capable of housing either a four-light insert, as seen in the video, or a 20-inch light bar.

Fours Super Duty

While that would be enough for the majority of owners, Fab Fours doesn’t stop there, though, as the aftermarket company has added its Open Fender System, that allows the truck to be fitted with massive tires. Enormous 40-inch tires have been fitted to the truck with 15-inch Moto Metal forged wheels. Combine the large tires with the Skyjacker suspension lift and Fab Fours’ Super Duty is an absolute monster.

Fours Super Duty

While the truck seems like overkill in the best way possible, Fab Fours has also thought about the little things by adding 10-inch, color-matched side steps. SEMA’s known for being the place where companies bring out their craziest machines and Fab Fours definitely delivered. Do you hate it or love it? Let us know in the comments below and to get a closer look at all of the goodies Fab Fours offers on the Super Duty, check out this video on the company’s YouTube page.

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