F-350 Burnout Drone Footage: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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This F-350 puts together a great collection of burnouts, but the drone footage makes the smoke show even more impressive.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of William Boom and it features a 3rd generation Ford F-350 Super Duty smoking its huge rear tires. There are no details on this F-Series pickup, but we can tell by looking at it that it is powered by the 6.7L PowerStroke V8. The ease with which it smokes the aftermarket wheels and tires, coupled with the thick, black smoke pouring from the exhaust suggests that this big Ford is making more than stock power. Also, the ride height looks a bit taller than stock, so it seems likely that this Super Duty has aftermarket suspension, wheels, tires, and some engine upgrades–all of which allow it to do some awesome burnouts.

‘Farmer Pete’ in Action

We don’t know who “Farmer Pete” is, but he and his F-350 know how to put on a great smoke show. The video begins with a pair of rolling burnouts filmed from ground level, the second of which turns into a smoky donut. At that point, the footage switches to drone-view and the burnout action is accompanied by some music which really doesn’t fit for a burnout video, but the tire slaying action isn’t hindered by the odd music choice.

Farmer Pete's F-350 Burnout tire smokin tuesday

Over the course of the final minute of this video, the high-riding F-350 creates tons of tire smoke, and several sets of dark, black lines on the road. From time to time, the white tire smoke is joined by some diesel soot and it is all artfully captured from a birds-eye view.

The video ends with the Ford F-350 Super Duty racing off into the sunset as Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again plays in the background.

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