F-150 FX2 Refresh & Customization Project Is Picture-Perfect

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2013 F-150 FX2 High Angle

Common upgrades have made a great-looking F-150 even hotter.

The 2013 Ford F-150 FX2 is one of the coolest-looking trucks from that era of the half-ton truck and in this project thread by “King-bRanch”, we go along for the ride as he cleans up and modifies one of these gorgeous sport trucks. So far, he has only done basic upgrades, but with a long list of those simple improvements, this FX2 looks like a brand new truck five years after it was built.

Member Introduction

When the OP introduced us to his Ford F-150 FX2, he started by showcasing his previous truck. He had a modified F-250 that he had sold, but for those who werent familiar with his old truck, he showed that beast off before introducing us to his new-to-him F-150.

Hey fella’s, I just want to introduce myself to this community. While I am not new to FTE, I am coming over from the dark side.

I joined FTE in the “6.0 SuperDuty” community nearly 5 years ago now & I will miss them. I am confident the F150 community will be just as awesome, hell if we weren’t passionate about our vehicles, we wouldn’t be here.

My story, after buying a stock 2006 F250 Diesel in 2011, I joined FTE & ended up spending over $20k building my F250 into a monster (I used to make decent money). Then in Jan 2014 my life changed & I decided to pursue the career I always wanted & to pickup the financial slack, my lovely wife started College too. For 7 months now I have had that career I always wanted, but suffered a major cut in pay & with the wife still in college, were constantly making financial changes.

About 2 years ago we sold our 5th-Wheel, with both of us in school we didn’t have the time or the cash to use it anyway. Well now I’ve realized I don’t need that big Diesel anymore, since I cant use it for what it was designed for (pulling) & lets face it, maintence on a Diesel is very costly, plus I can’t hardly remember the last time I needed 4×4 living down here now, so I decided to sell it & get a newer more practical truck.

The cool thing is, I sold it within 3 days & was able to go from a 2006 to a 2013 for not alot of cash….by going from a F250 to a F150, a 4wd to a 2wd & a Diesel to a Gas, made that possible. I do love my new F150 but it will never be the monster the F250 was. I am a car guy & have never been able to leave my vehicle stock, so I will modify this F150, but the build will be mild in comparison to some of my previous build’s…..Stay tuned.

Gone, but NOT forgotten, the Truck that made me “King-bRanch”

2006 F250 King-Ranch FX4 w/a 6.0 Diesel

He also included this picture of his F-250.

F-250 Signature pic

F-150 Introduction

After introducing himself and his previous truck, the OP introduced us to his 2013 F-150 in FX2 trim.

2013 F150 FX2 – 5.0 Coyote (49k) – 1 owner, from GA, perfect CarFax history.

This is just how I bought her, except for the Tool-Box I transferred.

Let the Mod’s begin!

He also shared a few pictures of the truck from when he got it, after he installed his bed box.

F-150 FX2 Refresh and Customization Project continued…

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