Ford Shows off New Line of Heavy Duty Vehicles

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heavy duty

For many business and government regulation-related reasons, Ford has little-to-zero presence in the United States when it comes to heavy duty machinery. I’m not talking about Ford Super Duty or F-650 level trucks, I’m talking about semi-trucks, cranes and concrete mixers.

According to Trade Arabia, Ford showcased their newest 2017 lineup of heavy duty construction machines at the Dubai Expo’s ‘Big Five’ exhibition. Dubai and the Middle East in general is one of the world’s largest markets for powerful construction vehicles ranging from midsize pickup trucks to massive earth-movers. Ford has a strong presence in such market, and their new line of trucks reinforces such stance.

heavy duty

“Offering a balanced blend of features, Ford Trucks Construction Series lands on construction sites with a single purpose; to make your project more durable and efficient,” remarked Emrah Duman, the international markets director of Ford Trucks.

heavy duty

The new 4143M and 3543M concrete mixers were unveiled, alongside the 1843T tractor, which is one of the world’s most commonly used (outside of the USA) semi-tractors. The newest iteration of the 1843T semi promises to be more powerful and more capable, while being more fuel-efficient thanks to its new Ecotorq diesel engine. With a massive 1,585 ft-lb of torque and 420 horsepower, the compact Ford semi delivers equal, if not superior hauling performance as the larger and thirstier American counterparts.

Besides being more capable and fuel-efficient, the Ford 1843T is hailed as one of the most comfortable and drivable tractors in the business, therefore making it a good investment to the world-class construction company buyers that typically visit these trade shows.

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Photos via: [Trade Arabia]

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