EVO “Unwraps” the Stunning Ford GT

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Like pre-pubescent boys can’t stop searching for fake “models” on Instagram, we can’t quench our thirst for the upcoming Ford GT. It’s the kind of car that commands attention simply from a photo from a new angle, or a showing at an auto show in a new color. It’s an absolute marvel, and Ford knows it. That probably has something to do with why it’s going to cost more than $400,000.

For those who have that kind of cash, the GT configurator is currently open. It’s probably the only job application-length form you’d be happy to fill out, but it’s only available until May 12. If you make it in, that’s when the real application process begins.

If you’re like 99.9 percent of the rest of the people and cannot afford that kind of car payment, then at least you have YouTube videos like this one from EVO to dream about. Hunter Skipworth got some alone time with the GT and its racing brethren and goes into a few details about the car, including the buttresses, the active aero, the intercooler breathing, the carbon fiber work, and the tires, among others. Check it out, and see if you learn something:

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