2017 Raptor Caught High Altitude Testing, Where It’ll Kick Ass

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In order to make sure the new Raptor will kick ass in any environment, it’s important for it to kick ass in high altitudes. That’s where a prototype 2017 Raptor was recently caught testing by our friends at TFLtruck. Check out these spy shots of the new Raptor, along with some other Ford vehicles, undergoing emission testing in Colorado.

For the new Raptor, a 3.5L high-output EcoBoost V6 powers the truck. While many of you have lamented that the 6.2L gasoline V8 is gone from the truck, there are some advantages to running a turbocharged engine. In high-altitude situations, where this truck was caught testing, the Raptor should perform even better.

Turbocharged engines perform better in the thin air of high altitude, where a naturally aspirated engine can lose as much as 30% of its overall power. The turbochargers just raise the boost to make up for the loss in air pressure, allowing you to keep going strong.

I’m looking forward to driving the new Raptor, and it’ll be exciting when TFLtruck gets the new one in for testing, so they can do a proper side-by-side comparison with the 6.2L Raptor they currently own.

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via [TFLtruck]

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