Ford Only Made 453 of These 1967 F-250s

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It’s somewhat strange to think of and consider a Ford F-250 rare. After all, the F-Series overall repeatedly hits the top sellers charts, and they’ve long been a mainstay in working-class America. But if you hit the right keys and punch in the right codes, you’ll find very specific examples that weren’t too common, like this 1967 F-250 Camper Special with Ranger trim. Only 453 of these in this year were built with this paint (Wimbledon White andĀ Frost Turquoise) and this trim. So it’s unique in its own special way.


The Camper Special, a much less rare vehicle, is a pretty cool model. It had a heavier alternator, tinted windows, an extra fuel tank, and some extra accessories. This one is for sale in Washington (the state). It’s unrestored, though it’s in pretty good condition for a ’67, and it has 57,000 miles. It runs on a 390 FE V8 and a four-speed transmission.


The original owners were a couple who actually used it for camping throughout the years, but put it in storage in 1999 before selling it this year. Even the vinyl interior is lookin’ good! It’s only listed at $3,300 right now. This could be a great steal for a truck with a cool little story.

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