First Guardsman Blue Cobra Could Sell for $1.4 Million

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The Shelby Cobra is perhaps one of America’s most revered automobiles. Starting life as an AC Ace, the car was then bought by Carroll Shelby who went about turning it into the icon it is today.

Replete with engines ranging from a 289 cubic inch V8 to a fire breathing widow maker of an engine the 427 V8, the Shelby had a reputation for going faster than most other cars from the same time period.

Original Cobras were sold new for a few thousand dollars, and many were wrecked, or turned into race cars. Those that survive today are now worth small to large fortunes depending on any number of factors including year it was produced, racing history, and provenance.


Currently, this 1963 Shelby Cobra, complete with 289 V8 is coming up for auction and is expected to reach astronomical numbers.

Even though it’s the 104th Cobra built, it’s only the 29th to use the 289 engine, and it was the first to have this color. Guardsman Blue.


According to the auction house, the Cobra could reach well over $1.4 million. Not bad for something built by a chicken farmer from Texas.

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