EcoBoost-Powered 2018 F-150 Is a Total Hot Rod! (Video)

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With twin-turbo technology under the hood, the 3.5-liter V6-powered F-150 is a hot rod masquerading as a pickup truck!

Remember the last-generation Ford SVT Lightning? We do, and we must admit that the speed demon holds a special place in our hearts. That being said, have you ever stopped to think about how Ford’s famous sport truck compares to a new F-150?

We’re not talking about a supped-up truck either, we’re talking about comparing it to the average F-150 sold day in and day out across America — an EcoBoost-powered SuperCrew with the 5.5 foot-long bed. The results, as the folks from TFLnow will show you, will surprise you. And despite them not comparing the two, we’ve dug out some info from the archives to do just that.


2004 SVT Lightning specs:

  • Engine: 5.3-liter V8
  • Horsepower: 380
  • Transmission: four-speed automatic
  • Curb weight: 4,702 pounds
  • 0-60: 5.2 seconds

2018 Ford F-150 SuperCrew:

  • Engine: 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6
  • Horsepower: 375
  • Transmission: ten-speed automatic
  • Curb weight: 5,000 approx.
  • 0-60: 6.64 seconds (Per this video)

As you can see, the 2018 F-150 is definitely slower in the 0-60 mph category, but is it? Not exactly. As it’s to be expected, the new truck is heavier due to having an extra set of doors, a bigger bed, a 4×4 drivetrain, and all the awesome technology Ford trucks have nowadays.

As a result, an EcoBoost-powered single cab, rear-wheel-drive 2018 F-150 would actually smoke an old Lightning. While these two trucks would never really compare or stack against each other in the real world, it’s interesting to see two icons compared head-to-head.

This only means one thing — that we really want Ford to build a new Lightning!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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