Junkyard Digs Revives Abandoned F-250

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A pair of Iowans rescue a derelict truck that sat under a tree for more than a quarter of a decade. The videos are mesmerizing.

We’ve all seen them: Cars and trucks parked in the woods or in someone’s back forty. Most have returned to nature one rust molecule at a time, but we all know a few diamonds exist in that rough. And the Junkyard Digs YouTube Channel has found a true gem to revive: A 1960s Ford F-250.

This pair of (literal) shadetree mechanics have undertaken the resurrection of an abandoned Ford F-250. It just might be the most fascinating truck resuscitation we’ve ever seen.

Junkyard Digs Ford F-250

The Junkyard Digs duo found the truck on an abandoned Iowa farm. It hadn’t logged a mile in more than a quarter-century, but as they said,“I don’t think it was ready to die when it went [here].”

Indeed, the 352 FE V8 turns freely when they first open the hood. That encourages them to come back and coax it back to life. In the first episode, they get it to fire, albeit poorly, and they’ve since released three more episodes documenting the incredible progress.

Any show like this will naturally draw comparisons to Roadkill. And like that show, these are just two normal guys showing you the ups and downs of reviving a car.

Unlike Roadkill, however, they take the time to show every single diagnostic and repair step. That might sound boring, but that isn’t the case, everything happening mesmerizes the viewer. Chalk that up in part to the astonishment and in part as cheering for The Every Man.

Check out more of this project on the Junkyard Digs YouTube Channel, where they also have undertaken an engine rebuild in another F-100 pickup.

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