Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Loves Ford Trucks

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For those of a certain age, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been more or less a household name since childhood. We mimicked his signature wrestling moves and practiced the “People’s Elbow” on the playground when we probably shouldn’t have. As we got older, we saw him change careers and become an action movie superstar.

the rock

Celebrities live their private lives away from the cameras. And as well as we thought we knew The Rock, we never realized that he was one of us. The Rock eschews the typical four-wheeled trappings of superstardom – no Ferraris or Bentleys for him. His vehicle of choice is a modified Ford F-150.

the rock

Dwayne’s Ford F-150 is a Platinum Edition with all the trimmings, and is modified with an eight inch lift and suitably large rolling stock. He’s a dyed-in the wool Ford truck fanatic, gifting one to his uncle, former pro wrestler Haku, for Christmas last year. Plus, he was seen driving a lifted 1987 F-150 in 2004’s “Walking Tall.”

Dwayne treats his F-150 like a member of his own family, having it transported to film sets along with his girlfriend, his daughter, his housekeeper, and his bulldog. Now that’s something us regular guys can’t identify with!

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