Ford Trucks Behaving and Being Treated Badly

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Ford F-150 Raptor

There are two things we can look forward to when the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor hits the streets:

1.) Lots of them will be roaming around cities and off-highway vehicle parks covered in sand, dirt and mud.


2.) Others will be dropping like flies after crashing in traffic accidents or getting totaled by insane off-road jumps.

Ford F-150 Raptors being driven recklessly, however, is just an unfortunate part of life. Some people just can’t resist pushing the envelope in the truck that made it clear Ford had done the same. You’ll see them do that in the video below. Even overbuilt off-road trucks named after terrifying dinosaurs (and especially their regular F-150 cousins) have their limits.

The good news is that not every Raptor or F-150 winds up in the junk yard. A lot of them live to provide thrills (or muddy faces) for another day or to help a fellow truck out of a jam.

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