‘Crown Hick’ F-100 and Crown Vic Mashup Hits the Road!

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Hot Rod Garage gets Crown Hick up and running, and boy does it run!

If you tuned in last weekyou got to witness the dudes at Hot Rod Garage begin to swap an entire Ford Crown Victoria chassis, into a 1966 Ford F-100 pickup truck. The intensive job began with an eye for bringing the old pickup into the realms of modern performance. On the cheap, of course.

For the price of an old cop car and plenty of elbow grease, their budget shop truck started to take shape, and they appropriately named it — Crown Hick. The job wasn’t easy, but clearly their hard work paid off in a big way.

crown hick

After installing some shiny new parts, including a dual exhaust and various suspension goodies, they pulled out the Crown Vic’s messy wiring and simplified things with a complete Holley EFI setup. With all the nitpicky stuff sorted out, the truck body and car chassis finally came together. The revised powerplant sprung to life without any problems, and the team could finally have a little fun with their project.

These guys clearly had a hard time containing their enthusiasm after the initial test run, and who can blame them? The truck sounds awesome, handles great, and lays down epic burnouts! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a little shopping (and a lot of wrenching) to do.

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