Hot Rod Garage Merges a 1966 Ford F-100 With a Crown Vic!

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Need to bring a 1966 F-100 to modern standards? Easy, get a Crown Vic!

Lots of guys use Crown Victoria suspension parts on vintage trucks, and the reasons for this are quite simple. Crown Vics are everywhere, and many of them are old, beat up cop cars with beefy components. In addition, they’re pretty simple to swap over on old Ford trucks with the right mechanical skill, and equipment. Lastly, the driveability improvements from such a swap are extremely impressive!

The dudes over at Hot Rod Garage, a weekly show on the Motor Trend Channel needed a shop truck. So, they did what any reasonable truck enthusiast would do and picked up a sweet 1966 Ford F-100. As we all know, these old trucks leave a lot to be desired in terms of both power and handling, but they didn’t want to spend big bucks transforming the old ride with aftermarket parts.


If you want to add a modern powertrain, disc brakes, and formidable handling to an old Ford, you could certainly do it one piece at a time. Or, you could just swap the F-100 body onto a Crown Victoria Interceptor rolling chassis and call it a day.

Clearly this isn’t a project for the inexperienced mechanic. As you would imagine, the 1966 F-100 doesn’t just magically slide right on top of the 2007 Crown Vic chassis. There’s some cutting and custom fabrication involved, but with a little ingenuity, elbow grease, and a lot of guts, you could have yourself a heck of a vintage Ford truck!

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