‘Built Ford Tough’ Edge Saves Seattle Couple from Electrifying Disaster!

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Mysterious accident caused extensive damage, but ‘Built Ford Tough’ Edge applies to SUVs as well as trucks. 

It was total nirvana in Seattle when a recent freak accident caused dozens of power lines to unexpectedly fall like dominoes and crush a Ford Edge. Inside the vehicle was couple Tom and Linda Cook, who were driving along the six-lane East Marginal Way, when one of the utility poles hit their SUV, impaling the vehicle. Remarkably, the Cooks were OK.

According to The Seattle Times, after the accident, Tim immediately called out to his wife, who was in the front passenger seat. Because the pole fell into the center of the Ford SUV, it was blocking his view of his wife. Later, when the couple realized that they were both avoided serious injury, Linda later said: “Well, I don’t think we’re going to trade this car in.”

The damage from the downed utility poles stretched for over tk. And although their Ford vehicle helped the couple avoid a fatality, they were still in danger from the potential live wires that surrounded their SUV.

“Seeing the photos of the vehicle, if I had seen those photos as a bystander or after the fact and I looked at the photos, I would have said somebody died in the car, but I know they didn’t because we’re the ones that were in there,” Tom recalled to Q13 Fox News.

The couple did suffer some cuts and bruises though. Emergency crews had to spend about an hour to extricate the Cooks from their vehicle. Extra caution was necessary because of the live wires lying on the ground. The rescue process also required that the power be turned off. But even before that, the fallen poles resulted in over 16,000 locals losing power throughout the ordeal.

Ford Edge crushed by telephone pole

The Cooks were treated at Harborview Medical Center, and released later that evening. Tom had to have five stitches on his hand, but he knows that they were incredibly lucky to escape the accident alive.

“If it had hit the glass rather than the roof, it would have just come through,” Tom told KOMO-TV. “And the firefighters said the same thing, had it hit to the left or the right, it would have come down on one of us.”

In total, 26 poles toppled. Seattle City Light are investigating this bizarre incident, noting that the poles had passed inspection three years ago.

But the Cooks have a great attitude about the entire incident. And appreciate the well wishes they received from all over the country.

“Humor seems the best way to go about it, because otherwise I’d be a basket case,” said Linda. ““For our 15 minutes of fame, we’d really rather have been accepting a big lottery check,” she added.

We are happy the Cooks are safe and sound, and glad that their Ford held up so well under such circumstances.

Photos: The Seattle Times

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