Ford Ranger Progressively Destroyed on the Track: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Rusty Ranger has a hard time at first, but the truck literally breaks in half during the final run.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the Midnight Madness 4×4 YouTube channel and it features a Ford Ranger participating in a Tough Truck race at Shade Gap in Pennsylvania. This video starts off like many Tough Truck videos with stock pickups, with the vehicle being destroyed by the jumps, but in this clip, we get to see this small Ford truck make several runs. Each run takes its toll, battering the Ranger so badly that the airbag deploys, the bed is falling off and the chassis fails.

The First Runs

When the video begins, we get a look at the Ranger after the chassis had failed, but we then flashback to what is likely the first run of the night. The truck is rusty and it appears as though the bed mounts are already in bad shape, but it handles the first few jumps pretty well. Even when it noses-down into one of the repeated bumps, the Ranger continues on, with the biggest problem being the tight turns.

Ford Ranger Early Run

Overall, the first lap goes pretty well and the second lap starts off even better, with the driver getting through the tight turns more smoothly. However, as the truck bouncers through the rhythm section, the driver’s side airbag deploys, forcing the driver to stop and get out of the dust-filled cabin.

Ford Ranger Airbag Open

Things Go South

On the next run, things get ugly in a hurry, with the Ranger nosing-down hard on the first big jump. At that point, the bed mounts appear to fail further, but there also appears to be some chassis damage. As the truck continues around the course, it almost appears to be hinged in the middle, with the bed and cab hitting each other as the little Ford flexes. However, the truck finishes that lap.

Ford Ranger Breaking

On the last lap, the truck is pretty much broken in half when the run begins, but even with the truck breaking into pieces mid-lap, the Ranger makes it within a hundred yards or so of the finish line.

Ford Ranger Broken

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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