Clean 1971 F-100 Proves That White Isn’t Always Boring

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White, with the exception of maybe beige, is arguably the most boring color out there.  So why is it, along with silver, such a popular color choice for automobiles?  Because those colors are non-offensive, blending in on the roads with everything around them.  Think of it like a suit, for example.  A clean, professional grey two button, not a lime green double breasted one.

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And white is a color that suits this 1971 F-100 Ranger just fine.  In a world of blazing red trucks, this one deserves a second look.  It’s super clean on the outside, with straight body panels and shiny chrome accenting that boring old white paint.  The only nod to modern times is that set of new-ish chrome Ford wheels.

The inside is just as clean, redone in a (gasp) sea of blue.  From carpet to headliner, everything looks new and factory fresh.  Motivation is provided by a rebuilt 360 V8, which is backed up by a 4-speed transmission and 3:50 gears.

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The best thing about this truck, however, is the fact that it’s a short bed, four wheel drive.  Factory options include air, power steering, and power brakes, making this a pretty nicely equipped truck.  And it’s further proof that just because something looks bland on the surface, you should always take a closer look.  You never know just what you’ll find under that vanilla colored surface.

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