Chevy Says No to a Raptor Fighter

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Good news everybody, Chevy has pretty much stated that they wouldn’t be building a Raptor fighter anytime soon. That means more dirt, sand, mud and snow for the rest of us! Woo hoo!

While speculation about a Chevy competitor has been rampant throughout the industry ever since Ford unveiled the new Raptor at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Chevy has squashed those rumors quite thoroughly.

According to GM’s Development head Mark Reuss, “That is not one of our highest priorities in terms of spending capital right now.”

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While Reuss flatly denied a full size Raptor fighter, something based on the Silverado, he did say that the ZR2 could potentially make it into production.

This statement comes not long after GM and Chevy decided to drop a heck of a lot of off road parts on the Colorado to build the ZR2 Concept that wowed the stage and the public when they first debuted it at the LA Auto Show.

When released, the ZR2 Concept was aimed to be a mini Raptor fighter that would elevate the small trucks platform even more than it already is.


Stay tuned, and do you all think that the ZR2 could be a worthy Raptor fighter? Or possibly just its younger kid brother? Or cousin?

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