TRUCKIN’ FAST Ford Transit V8 Drift Van

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drift transit
When you think about fast Ford trucks and utility vehicles, there is a good chance that the full size Transit van is one of the last models that you consider, but the Transit van in this week’s Truckin’ Fast video is far from a normal parts hauler.

This full size Ford fan is fitted with a very healthy V8 engine and after the chassis, the suspension and the wheels have been set up to make this van a drift monster, it was taken to the track to show off just how much fun you can have with a properly built Ford Transit van.

After the video begins by a display of donuts by the V8 powered Ford Transit, the powerful van takes to a road course, blasting through corners with a steady stream of tire smoke pouring from the rear.

In addition to a bunch of trackside camera angles, we get to see this beastly Transit from the in-car and undercarriage, all of which give us a great idea of what goes on when a big Ford van goes drifting.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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