Buy a Ford, Get a Free AR-15 Assault Rifle

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Yes. You heard that right folks. It is the year 2016 in the U.S. of A. and you can officially  go to your local dealer, buy a Ford vehicle (or any vehicle for that matter), and get an absolutely free AR-15 assault rifle. Oh, how can you not love modern times?

Also, I’m aware of the current debate that an AR-15 doesn’t qualify as an actual military-grade assault rifle, but I don’t really care, and I will still call it an assault rifle for the sake of this story.

According to Fox25 out of New Hampshire, the owner of Hagan’s Motors in the city of Rochester is offering a free AR-15 assault rifle with the purchase of select pre-owned vehicles from his dealership. This has come under fire recently, given the initial thought that the psycho from the Orlando shootings had originally used an AR-15.  Although that was later corrected and changed to a Sig Sauer rifle.


When interviewed, owner; Mark Hagan commented that he doesn’t really give much importance to the current firearm debate, as “I could worry about the same thing with a car being used to hurt other people in the end that kind of heinous of crime is in the heart.” Hagan is also a veteran and has been on duty in Afghanistan.

In all honesty, the man is free to give away whatever he wants to his customers. Whether it be Chicken McNuggets or Desert Eagles, let the man give away whatever he wants to give away. Also, it’s worth noting that Mark Hagan doesn’t have a ridiculous weapons stock pile (that we know of) to give away. He actually hands his customers a voucher that can be redeemed at the local gun shop.

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Story via: [Jalopnik]

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