BUILDUP A 1981 Ford F-100 Project

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We may have seen a lot of F-100 builds here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, but this has to be one of the cleanest out there. FTE member 81ChopTop took on this magnificent build awhile back, and now it it near to completion.

This 1981 F-100 has a 460 engine, a C-6 transmission, a custom build frame, a custom built fuel cell, a custom build dash and center console, shaved door handles, a Mustang column, a 1969 Thunderbird rear axle, a 3″ stainless steel exhaust, and a whole lot more.


The top is chopped four inches as well, and there isn’t a single panel on the ride that hasn’t been modified in some way.

But as amazing as this sounds, the ride is actually not yet complete. 81ChopTop still needs to get the oak boards in the box, mount the battery box, put the glove box door in, and build the tray on the center console. The heater controls also needs to be hooked up and installed, door panels need to be added, and some music would definitely be nice!


It is running quite well, which we’re glad to hear. Still, these few final touches will definitely bring it to life! 81ChopTop has also been working on several other builds, including a custom ’61 F-100, a ’67 Mustang, and the newest project — a 1963 F-100! Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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