Ford Raptor Flies High in Mongolia

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FTE Jump

Sometimes we take so much pride in how amazing Ford trucks, an American creation, really are that we can forget that many people outside the United States of America enjoy these rigs as well. In fact, Ford is a big company throughout the world.

This video does a great job of reminding us that people simply love Ford trucks, whether they’re in the USA, Australia, Europe, or, in this case, Mongolia. In the clip we see a Ford Raptor off-roading through some beautiful terrain before taking a huge jump right in from of the setting sun. What could possibly be more exciting?

Considering this is a Ford Raptor, which is simply made for stunts like this, we’re sure that the truck drove away unscathed, but maybe a tad bit dirty. It’s always great to see these rides actually being put to work, and apparently those in Mongolia really can do it right!

Not to mention that this location looks amazing for hours of fun. Those of us who don’t live close to any of the dunes here in the United States may easily find themselves cringing in envy!

Watch the video below and enjoy watching this Raptor eclipse the sun as it takes flight! Nothing could be better.

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