5 Things You Can Power with the 2015 F-150 AC Plug

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Most modern vehicles come equipped with a power inverter that allows you to plug in normal 3-prong plug devices into them so they work. Ideally, you’d use this to power a laptop computer, for example.

Many of these will only handle 150 watts of max power. On the 2015 Ford F-150, the plugs support a whopping 400 watts of power. So what exactly could you plug into one of these?

fog machine

Fog Machine

Last year, when I was working on a review with a professional photographer, we wanted to try to hook a fog machine up. When we hit up the local Halloween store, we discovered that one of the fog machines would run on 400 watts of power.

But I can hear you ask, “Why would I need to run a fog machine out of my F-150?” To which I say, “Why wouldn’t you?”


Grow Light

Let’s say you’re out camping for an extended period of time, and your plants need some tender loving care? Why not pack a grow light with you? This one we found on Amazon is available in 400 watts and has everything you need.

Do you have a need for more than 400 watts? The plug in the rear also supports 400 watts, so you can have two of these taking care of your crops.


Desktop Computer

Sure, you could easily power your more portable laptop computer from the new Ford F-150, but what’s the fun in that? Many new desktop computers, unless they’re for gaming or high-end work, have power supplies less than 400 watts.

Plug the desktop in the front plug, and the flat-screen monitor in the back plug, and you can have portable computing super-sized!

search light



Did you ever want to host a movie premiere from your Ford F-150? Well, normally big galas have to have big lights to let everyone know where it is. A quick Google search netted us one of these 400 watt spotlights that we’re convinced could signal successfully to the International Space Station.

Get two of these and you won’t need the LED spotter mirrors that come as an option with the new truck!

wine cooler

Wine Cooler

You should never, ever drink and drive. But what happens when you get to your romantic date-night destination in your fancy Cowboy Cadillac, and want to celebrate your relationship with a bottle of bubbly? What do you do?

You bring along a wine cooler, of course! Plug one of these bad boys in and in less than 10 minutes you’ll have a chilled bottle of wine. No water, no ice, no fuss. It’s just like what you’ll find in a Rolls Royce for like $10,000 extra, but can be had for your F-150 for less than $30.

Actually, we’re a bit surprised a cooling box isn’t an option on the F-150.

We applaud Ford for offering two on-board plugs (when equipped) that offer up to 400 watts of power. Sure, we’re really just going to use them for laptops or tablet charging, but making the extra power available is really great. It means we’ll have to think less about what we plug in, and lower the liklihood of blowing a fuse.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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