A 1977 Ford F-150 “Bruce” Build

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While completing a build can be very fulfilling and exciting, the reality is that most builds are never truly complete. There is always something else that ought to be done, or that the owner wants to do.

There’s always something else that can be done to improve the performance, look, or handling of the machine. And, thus, the ride still changes slowly over time. Sometimes these changes are small, and, other times, the changes are so large that another build ensues. Today we’ll be looking at the latter.

A few years ago, FTE member hivoltj started his build on “Bruce,” his 1977 Ford F-150. Five thousand miles after finishing his initial build, hivoltj has chosen to start one up again. After all, it’s impossible to accurately predict how everything will turn out!

With this new build, he has many plans, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out! Among other things, hivoltj plans to add a FiTech Go EFI 4 600 horserpower fuel injection kit, wing window seals from Dennis Carpenter Ford, Energy Suspension rear leaf spring bushings, Hamburger 1″ throttle body spacer, a Autoloc C6 kick down cable kit, and much, much more.

Check out his build thread and throw your support!

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