Look Out! The $100,000 Pickup Truck is Coming!

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Even though I just recently reported that it’s perfectly possible to get a Ford truck at a reasonable price, Ford offers a huge number of trim options for their trucks. Some of those trims, including the Platinum and Limited ones can reach well into $60,000 for a half-ton. When you get into the Super Duty, you’ll end up pushing nearly $80,000 or more. So, how long until trucks hit $100,000.

Seth Parks, writing at The Truth About Cars, just did a report on a Hawaiian Ford dealer that’s selling modified Super Duty trucks with a sticker price of over $100,000. It should also be noted that the dealership is having a hard time keeping those trucks in stock!


While a modified truck is different from an OEM truck breaking into $100k territory, the story is one that I’ve heard from many car dealerships. A good friend of mine recently told me that the XL and XLT trucks he gets in sit on his lot for weeks before someone comes in and purchases one. But as soon as he gets a King Ranch or Platinum in, they are gone in a day or two. It’s not a backwoods dealership either; they are one of the highest volume dealerships in California.

Many of you have suggested that Ford is going to price themselves out of the pickup truck market with these ever-increasing prices. But the thing is, people keep buying them. It’s fascinating to see a truck manufacturer put more and more options on a truck and price it higher and higher, then seeing that version of the truck sell really well. Eventually we’ll have to hit a ceiling on what people will pay for a new pickup truck, but we haven’t hit it yet and there’s no signs we’re getting close.

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So yes, Seth is right, the $100,000 pickup from an OEM is definitely coming. But which truck from Ford will be the first to hit that number? I have a friend who has already placed an order for a 2017 F-350 Platinum that carries a window sticker of nearly $78,000. That doesn’t even have the rear dual-wheel option. But from what we can tell (this is a preliminary build sheet), most options are already checked.

Raptor Debut in China

It’s unlikely that this generation of Super Duty will hit that price point, but we expect the Super Duty to be the truck that cracks the $100,000 entry point first. It’s possible the Raptor could start near that price, I really doubt that the price will skyrocket that much over the 2014 version. It’s an awesome truck, and people would probably pay it, but I just don’t see Ford going that high.

Of course, if Lincoln decides to get back into the pickup truck business, it’s very possible they’d be the first to hit that price milestone. Come to think of it, with prices the way they are and demand where it is, a Lincoln pickup truck might not be as bad of an idea as it was a few years ago!

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