Best Way to Spend $400 on a 1999 Ford F-350

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Homemade Cold Air Intake

An F-350 owner and FTE forum member ended up using his crowd-advised upgrade to solve a problem with his truck.

Back in December, Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum member “afmedic” posted a new thread to the 1999 – 2003 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel section asking the community for advice on the best way to spend $400 in mod money. He was looking for the most bang-for-the-buck, but with the help of the group, he ended up modifying the truck in a way that helped him diagnose a performance problem.

Help Me Spend My Money!

When the OP originally posted his thread asking for advice on how to best spend $400 on his 1999 F-350, he listed the four items that were the most interesting to him. He also listed some pros to each upgrade.

I know y’all are great at helping answer questions, but you’re even better at spending other people’s money! I have a couple hundred bucks to spend on the truck and I have way more than that I want to buy. Here are the things I’m looking at:

1. Air horn/ on board air setup -about $400
more for fun than anything

2. 4 gauge pillar pod with boost, EGT, trans temp, and fuel pressure-$299 on Amazon
No mods to monitor and I don’t tow a whole lot, but I’ll need them eventually. Would be more for looks for the near future

3. 5″ straight pipe exhaust-$350
I have a muffler delete on the factory exhaust right now, but I think it could sound better with a new setup. Maybe some gains as well

4. S&B intake- $300
It has a homemade CAI (above) from the previous owner that works well enough

I only have enough to do one of these, and I don’t really NEED any of them so I’m having trouble deciding! Sound off!

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