Is This Beastly F-350 Bro Truck Too Much or Just Right?

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Bro trucks.  We see them all the time, spouting black smoke from giant stacks and generally terrorizing left lane clogging Prius drivers with Coexist bumper stickers.  These cartoonish caricatures of what are already big trucks are certainly a matter of taste.

As is the F-350 you see before you.  Spotted at a local car show, it has all the elements of a bro truck, save for the trailer hitch (ahem) nuts.  Huge lift, big tires, stacks, hood scoops, roll bars?  Lots of chrome add ons?  Check.

This particular steamroller also adds car show staples like Lambo front doors and suicide rear doors just for the heck of it.  And why not?  Bro trucks are all about being over the top, attention seeking, and head turning.  They are the proverbial middle finger of the modified truck scene.

It’s doubtful that this truck has ever seen a mud puddle, let alone a trail, so many would say the modifications are useless.  But if it’s built to be a showpiece, does it really matter?  Companies that make truck parts build things like this to draw attention to their products, just like owners do so to draw attention to themselves.

So let’s hear it – do you love trucks like this, or do you wish they would go out of style quicker than the rat tail and Jnco jeans?

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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