What’s the First Long Road Trip You’ll Take Your 2017 Ford Super Duty On?

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The video below got me thinking of one of my earliest memories of the Ford Super Duty. It wasn’t of it pulling a trailer or hauling a bed full of building supplies. I remember being in the back seat of an F-350 Lariat DRW 4X4 and hearing the dull roar of its 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel. It was the early 2000s and my best friend’s dad was driving himself, his wife, my pal, and me from Central Texas up to Greeley, Colorado a few days after Christmas to visit family. Over the 900+ mile trip, the oil-burner up front didn’t miss a beat. Even without a heated seat underneath me, I was always comfortable. A small TV hooked up to a Playstation kept me and my friend entertained.

Taking families on trips in comfort and safety is one of the various jobs many Super Duty trucks have to perform. That won’t be any different for the 2017 models. Like the early Super Duty I rode in back in the days of W’s administration, they’ll be comfortable – just more so, thanks to available cooling and massaging front seats. They’ll also make it nearly impossible to be bored because of their modern infotainment features. The new Super Duty’s lighter body and available 48-gallon tank will make stops to fill up less frequent, freeing up time to drive to a vacation destination.

When a 2017 Super Duty hits the media fleet, I intend to stretch its legs on a trip from Austin to El Paso to not only take my gal to visit her family, but to test its real-world fuel economy. What’s the first faraway place you’ll take your 2017 to after you get it?

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