This 900HP AWD ’32 Ford Roadster Might Overload Your Senses

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DO NOT. LOOK. DIRECTLY. AT. THE ROADSTER. You might or might not be overcome with an unexpected sense of arousal. It tends to happen when you’re looking a car as magnificent as the 1932 Ford Custom “Double Down.”

The explanation for┬áthis car lies right there on the side: Jet-Hot. Started as a product for (whodathunk?) fighter jet engines and submarine parts, Jet-Hot is a coating that can help protect from or reduce heat, corrosion, and friction. Because of its purpose, Jet-Hot found its well-suited home in racing. So, Jet-Hot wanted to build a multi-purpose racecar and use it to show off what the company’s coatings could do. So the Double Down was created.

The Roadster is intended to be capable of everything from ice racing to auto-cross to Bonneville. The completely custom classic Ford hot rod was built to perform. It has all-wheel drive, a 576-cubic-inch Jon Kaase Boss 9 engine, a G-Force 5-speed trans, and a pushrod suspension. The output is reportedly 900 horsepower on this thing, put to the ground on, as you can see, some enormous open-wheeled slicks. Fuller Hot Rods did one hell of a job on this thing, and it’ll be going up for auction next year at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale.

Even better, there’s no reserve. Prepare your checkbooks.

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