Camp Stamp: Turquoise 1965 Ford F-250 Ripe for Buyin’

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There’s something about pastel colors on vehicles that are as old as the St. Louis arch that really get the giblets stirrin’. The look is even better when the paint is original, contrasted with white, and on a Ford pickup truck. This 1965 Ford F-250 Camper Special is an absolute beaut.

Though the transmission and 352 V8 have been rebuilt, the truck is otherwise in original condition. That means the camper stamps are there, that means the awesome FORD hubcaps are in tact, that means the bed has a bit of rust, and the interior has some wear and literal tear. But it’s been well-kept, and would make for an extremely easy final restoration project for somebody who doesn’t want to go full bones to showroom.

A three-owner vehicle, it was apparently purchased in Seattle specifically for camping. The original owner bought it, threw a cap on it, and used it only for outdoor trips. It’s only at $4,000 right now, so go scoop this up right meow.

[Via Bring a Trailer]

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