This Supercharged Sleeper is Not Your Grandfather’s Lincoln Town Car

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Luxury is not just leather and wood trim. Luxury is also power. The power to know what’s going on in front of, around, and behind your car via cameras. The power to stay connected with the people you love while on the go through a Bluetooth phone connection. In the case of this custom Lincoln Town Car, luxury is also power in the purest sense of the word: tire-melting, smoke-generating, Earth-turning force. And that power is abundant.

A creative, talented, and patient man by the name of Zack on decided to put a Mustang Cobra motor into a 1993 version of Lincoln’s luxury barge.


As you can imagine, it wasn’t just as easy as making a choice. Zack had to make a lot more than just that. He said, “I knew I wouldn’t be using the pcm controlled fan, so I scoured the interet looking for the solution. What an epic win….Use a BMW dual temp switch with a 94-97 T-Bird Fan, custom mounted to a 95 Bronco Radiator. And to control it all, a Volvo 2 speed relay.” Zack assembled his intake from off-the-shelf parts. Instead of buying an aftermarket transmission cooler, Zack used hardware from two junkyard Ford Explorers.

He needed as much cooling as possible because his Lincoln’s Cobra motor strikes with red-hot supercharged force. With e85 fuel running through its veins, it spits out 700 horsepower and 606 pound-feet of torque – at the rear 19-inch Mustang wheels.

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