This is the Ford Ranger You’re Looking For

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There are few just original classic trucks and muscle cars any longer. Things have been built up, replaced, upgraded, and all sort of ridiculous custom touches. It makes finding something just to be your daily driver that much harder, so when something like this 1976 Ford Ranger comes around, you should pay attention and act quickly because it won’t be around for that long.

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According to Bring a Trailer, this 1976 Ford Ranger is mostly original in terms of parts, but exactly original when it comes to looking like it just rolled off the assembly room floor back in 1976. The paint, which was redone about twenty years ago, is the exact same color combination as Ford originally applied. The Ford 360 V8 engine has recently been gone through and restored, and the interior is almost perfect, save for some minor cosmetic blemishes that show the truck’s true age.

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Right now, the reserve for the Ranger hasn’t been met yet, but with the current bid only at $11,000, I’d say it would definitely be worth contacting the buyer and seeing if you could buy it out from under all the rest of the bidders. Check it out on eBay here.

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