Ford Partners with Amazon for New Sync System

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In today’s society, every automaker, and techmaker is vying to connect you, your phone, home, and whatever else you have in your life at all times. Everyone wants instant accessibility to everything they could possibly ever want. Think of it as bringing the Internet to real life, except without as many cats or porn, which could be construed as either a positive or negative depending on how you look at it.

With the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, countless automakers are teaming up with tech companies to bring about that future. One that definitely has people talking is Ford partnering with Amazon and The Internet of Things to bring you a car that connects to your house and to your phone, and allows you to play with the settings of either no matter where you are in the world.

2015 Ford F-150

Essentially, Ford has teamed up with Amazon to use the company’s Alexa personal assistant system, much like Apple’s Siri, to control and check on your house and car through Ford’s Sync system. It will be able to change your lighting, open garage doors, change the thermostat temperature, check fuel levels, and run diagnostics on your car or truck, all through the push of a button or through your own voice.

The technology is still a few years away from coming to a car dealer near you, but soon, everything will be connected in some way or another.

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