The Coolest Ice Cream Ford Trucks on Earth

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Is there ever a bad time for ice cream? In our opinion there never is! Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream thinks the same thing and is making a set of mobile trucks using a Ford E-Series based vans converted to ice cream trucks. Not just ordinary ones either as they will be the “Coolest Trucks On Earth.”

Side view of truck
So, what makes them cool besides serving Hawaiian-style shaved ice and ice cream? These E-series vans will feature a beach-theme to remind you of the island life with surfboards and décor. There will also be a “Surv-Board” dispenser that allows guests to choose their own flavor of fruit syrup.

The self-contained water system and high capacity batteries allow for more than 400 shaved ice servings per hour without the need of a generator. You’ll also get water misters to cool off crowds and neon lights that dance to steel drum music. Sounds like a great time.

Truck in the middle of a market on the beach
The trucks will be seen around the Broward County area of Florida and they are also open to fundraising with the Tikiz FUNdraising program. “The Tikiz FUNdraising program makes fundraising less stressful and adds an entertaining element to local charity events, all while driving donations,” David Demarest, who is partner with Jack DiSalvo and Tikiz for this project, added. “We believe that our rental party background experience will really add to the lively tropical atmosphere that is Tikiz.”

For more information about the FUNdraising program and event packages, visit To book Tikiz for an event, call (855) 845-4928 or visit

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