First Ford GT Prototype Up for Sale

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With Ford’s brand new GT is getting ready to hit production within the next few months, it’s the supercar that everyone is eagerly looking forward to this year. Forget the Bugatti Chiron, or the new Pagani Huayra BC, the Ford GT is what everyone’s eyes are locked onto.

The new Ford GT features a 600 plus horsepower twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine that’s been derived from Ford’s Daytona Prototype racecar. Additionally, it has an almost completely carbon tub that makes the car incredibly light, and incredibly rigid. Everything about this car screams amazing supercar.

Yet, today, we want to dive into the more recent past and talk about the last generation Ford GT. Prices on the previous Ford GT are absolutely skyrocketing, with the cars coming up for auction just barely out of reach of seven figures. This one however, might finally push the Ford GT finally over that threshold.

This Ford GT is CP-1, or in laymen’s terms, the original working prototype directly from Ford. According to Road & Track,  the original Red, White, and Blue cars weren’t running prototypes but rather just shells. This black Ford GT however, was the real deal.

Currently, this Ford GT is being sold by Exotic Classics, but they don’t share what the company is looking to get out of the car. Most likely, it’s above seven figures, because this is a piece of bonafide Ford history.

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