Ford Wins Again! F-150 and Mustang Snag Most Popular Award

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2016 Ford F-150 Lariat Appearance Package

Big data is the idea of collecting all sorts of information to try to figure out patterns for people. This data is often anonymized, but is extremely useful in product planning, development, and more. When you run a site where people research new cars, like, you can learn about what people are interested in. Every year, Edmunds issues awards for the most searched for cars in each category.

Two Ford vehicles are recipients of the award for this year. The Ford Mustang is the most searched for entry-level sports car, and the Ford F-150 was the most searched for large truck.

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The F-150 should come as no surprise since the truck is the most popular vehicle on sale in the United States, and people are constantly researching them. The Mustang is also not a huge surprise, but there were some pretty popular sports cars launched last year, including a strong-selling Camaro, that people are interested in.

But regardless, Ford once again took top honors. Not that we’re surprised.

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