Ford Dealership Deals with Epic Flooding

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Yesterday, my wife and I finally made it home from our cross country road trip from Los Angeles to Chicago and then back. We went to see our family for the holidays, and the initial trip went off without a hitch. The weather was beautiful, the dogs behaved, and the car (Matt Farah’s Million Mile Lexus) performed admirably except for the radiator not exactly working. However, the return trip wasn’t exactly a lovely walk in the park.

Besides some mechanical issues, and an ice storm/impenetrable fog, however the worst of what we encountered was when we attempted to get through Missouri. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ll know that Missouri has been experiencing some rather heavy rains that have caused a ton of issues for the state. Most just involve some road closures, although some have involved fatalities. Through our travels, we got a much deeper appreciation for the crap storm that Missouri is dealing with.

The rain, in some places, has raised creeks, rivers, and flood plains to historic levels. We passed a school which was completely submerged underwater. And not just like a few feet, but water that rose up to the rafters. What we missed however was Republic’s Ford dealership that is now out a total of 105 vehicles, which 30-percent were made up of brand new F-Series trucks.

According to Torque News who spoke with the dealership, the water was rising, and they didn’t have enough people to save the cars. Luckily, a few helpful passersby came to the rescue and helped the dealership employees move as many cars and trucks as they could before the waters became too high and too dangerous. Between the helpful residents and the dealership employees, they were able to save over two-thirds of the stock.

It could have been way worse though.

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