2018 Ford Raptor Gets MORE Expensive

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2017 Ford Raptor

More horsepower, more torque, and now…more money.

If you were on the fence about buying a Raptor or still getting your money together, you might want to wait a bit longer. Though the second-generation Raptor comes with more of everything we like (horsepower, torque, that sort of thing) it also has more somewhere we don’t like as much: the price tag. We came across a news story on Cars Direct and another on Motor Authority with some unfortunate news: Ford is hiking the price on the 2018 Raptor mid-year. Though both writers mention it’s fairly common practice, that’s little consolation if you were about to head down to pick one up.

Now, $660 isn’t a huge amount when you’re looking at a $52,170 truck. Wait, hold on. Fifty-two large for a Raptor? The second-gen Raptor started $49,520 when it was introduced for 2017. That crept up to $51,080 when the 2018 model came out. Now, with a price increase and a $100 hike to freight, buying a Raptor today will cost you even more. That’s not even getting started on the dealer markups most of us get used to seeing.

2019 Ford Raptor

A couple years ago another writer here gave this advice: shop around. And not just the dealer across town. If your region is known for hefty markups, shop around and don’t be afraid to fly somewhere. We’ll add one more piece of advice: patience. If you can wait, the 2019 gets a few key upgrades that will make the higher price a little more palatable.

Among the several upgraded items for 2019 are the Fox shocks, which get the “Live Valve” system. That means continuously adjustable damping depending on the conditions, thanks to feedback from sensors on the body and suspension. Trick stuff. The ’19 Raptor will also get Trail Control, which allows drivers to set a speed between 1 and 20 mph, kinda like low-speed cruise control. Though, you’d be wise to expect yet another price hike when the 2019 does hit showroom floors.

If you’re thinking about a new Raptor, what’s your take on the situation? Is a few hundred bucks chump-change? Or, is the markup your local dealer is putting on the Raptor the real problem? Join us in the forums and let us know!

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